Hervé Perdriolle is collector, art critic and curator. He was the art critic of the French movement Figuration Libre and participated in the first exhibitions in France including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring (1984) and Ravinder Reddy (2000).


Since 1996, its main activity is to promote the "Other Masters of India" through the works of leading contemporary artists from tribal and folk Indians arts. 


"The Indian tribal art is emerging on the international stage". In India, the place of indigenous is no longer to the Museum of Man, in those reconstructions where the wax mannequins, dressed in traditional costumes, sit around the fire in front of their traditional houses. Here they are now to meet Indian contemporary art scene, with works that are sold in art galleries and museums around the world. The voice of Indian tribal people, long suppressed, is reborn through the painting.

Le Monde February 17, 2011


Photo : "Feito por Brasileiros" wall paintings by artists of the Warli tribe and Caligrapixo, Cidade Matarazzo, Sao Paulo 2014


In 2009, Herve Perdriolle opened his collection to the public in his gallery in apartment in Paris, near the Jardin du Luxembourg. By appointment he advises and makes you benefit from his expertise.

Newsletter India

Many Western abstract painters in the early 20th century — Albers, Kandinsky, Mondrian — were deeply influenced by Asian art and philosophy, though no one dismissed them as Orientalists. Their cosmopolitanism was a point in their favor, and proof of Modernism’s wide embrace. By contrast, if Asian artists showed signs of absorbing Western models, their work was disdained as derivative, inauthentic and evidence that Western Modernism was the only true one, the source that supplied the world. When you visit — as I urge you to do — “V. S. Gaitonde: Painting as Process, Painting as Life” at the Guggenheim Museum, keep this paradox in mind just long enough to see how its biases operate.


In September the Hervé Perdriolle gallery exhibits about forty small sizes of T. Venkanna, the youngest Indian artist present in the famous exhibition "The Empire Strickes Back" at Saatchi Gallery (London 2010).

T. Venkanna Online Catalogue